The Power of Owning Your Personal Style | Interview with Stephanie Hicks

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Show Notes:

Stephanie Hicks is a personal style and wardrobe coach. She helps people show up as their best selves, confident and well-dressed! Stephanie works with female entrepreneurs and coaches who what their personality and brand to be better represented in how they dress. 

By nature, first impressions are visual impressions.

Therefore, it’s important your appearance communicates a positive representation of what it will be like to work with you. And a touch of personality always helps, too!

One of the things that makes Stephanie so great is that she understands everyone has a style already. You may not like, it may not suit you the best, but what you have in your closet is a style.

Stephanie works with her clients to build a wardrobe they feel great in, starting with what they already have.

She is completely devoted to bringing each of her client’s unique personalities out and making sure they feel comfortable (and look awesome!) in all their outfits. 

Unlike my original perception of what it would be like to work with a personal style coach, Stephanie does not make her clients trash all their clothes and buy thousands of dollars of new ones.

Her practices are extremely practical and applicable. After she teaches her clients how to build a wardrobe that looks great and works for THEM, they are able to continue phasing items in and out moving forward.

Stephanie is a true joy to talk with and learn from. She is obviously passionate about her work, which I love to see. You’ll fall in love with her and gain a new perspective on why it’s worth building a great closet in this episode!

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