Why Network Marketing Is an Awesome Business for Women | Interview with Andrea Dolan

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Show Notes:

Andrea Dolan is a former teacher who began her entrepreneurial journey while being pregnant with her second child. In this episode, Andrea explains network marketing, how to “grow with your season of life” and how to sell in a way that feels good to you and makes others comfortable, too.

Forget what you heard about network marketing being a “pyramid scheme”. Andrea is here to talk about the opportunities network marketing has given her and how women can benefit from finding similar opportunities for themselves.

In this episode:

  • 1:00 - Introduction to Andrea Dolan.

  • 2:11 - How Andrea began her career working from home after leaving her teaching career.

  • 3:48 - What a typical day running a network marketing business looks like.

  • 6:53 - Why Andrea started working from home.

  • 9:34 - Overview of Isagenix, the company Andrea works with.

  • 10:25 - How to network market the right way.

  • 14:49 - Andrea’s mindset around selling and how it helps her stay free of awkward feelings when sharing about her products with friends.

  • 18:37 - What gives Andrea the most joy in her line of work.

  • 21:19 - How leadership works in network marketing.

  • 24:53 - Andrea’s thoughts on if a social media presence is a requirement to be successful in the network marketing field.

  • 26:26 - Andrea’s advice to someone who is afraid to start an online business in network marketing because of social media burnout and overwhelm.

  • 28:26 - What story Andrea challenges women to let go of this year: That network marketing is something off the table, outdated or stuck in the past.

  • 29:56 - What story women should embrace in 2019: Whatever you are using as your reasons “why not” for pursuing a new opportunity, could be your reasons “WHY”.

  • 32:14 - How to contact Andrea.

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