How to Reinvent Your Work & Life | Interview with Linda Rossetti

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Show Notes:

We all go through transitional periods in our lives. However, many people misuse the term “transition”. They think it is interchangeable with “change” or use transition in a defensive way. But transitions can be so much more than that.

Linda Rossetti is an expert on transition and has conducted thorough research on how transitions impact adult lives.

In this podcast, we talk to Linda Rossetti about how transitions are opportunities for growth, what to do when you’re in a slump and getting through the “not enough” mentality.

In this episode:

  • 1:08 - Intro to the author, speaker, and consultant Linda Rossetti.

  • 2:10 - Linda’s work: What transitions are and the impact of transitions on adult lives.

  • 2:25 - How we misuse the word “transition” and the difference between “change” and “transition”.

  • 8:47 - How transition is more holistic and not about making choices to solve one specific issue.

  • 14:00 - Linda’s story of graduating from Harvard and starting her own company which lead her to study transition.

  • 21:20 - Patterns of transition and how transitioning is different for everyone.

  • 26:00 - How transition is a process that enables us to grow and the shifts in belief systems.

  • 30:52 - What to do when you are in a restless slump: educate yourself on transition and write an introduction for yourself.

  • 40:15 - Linda advises women to let go of the “I’m not enough,” mentality.

  • 45:20- Linda’s fresh story for women to adopt is to pick two affirmations and live them.

  • 46:57 - How to contact Linda.

  • 49:00 - Introduction to my decision coaching services.

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