Letting Go of Victimhood and Living Chronically WELL | Interview with Callie Dixon

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Show Notes:

Callie Dixon is a school psychologist, mother and writer. Her whole life changed when she was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis after having her third child. Through her blog and social media, Callie gives people inspiration and the tools needed to claim their power back when managing a chronic illness.

She provides encouragement and resources to help people live chronically well instead of chronically ill. She’s even launching a new podcast this month called Chronic Wellness!

In this episode, we discuss how the “river effect” leads to an abundant life, how to communicate your story and how to overcome victimhood.

In this episode:

  • 2:30 - Introduction to Callie and her professional life.

  • 3:29 - How Callie juggles all of her endeavors.

  • 7:00 - What inspires her to write.

  • 9:40 - Callie’s interstitial cystitis diagnosis story.

  • 20:20 - Callie explains how to communicate your story and advice.

  • 21:50 - Callie explains how to be a good ally to someone with an illness.

  • 26:00 - What Callie will be writing about in her memoir.

  • 30:00 - Callie explains the river effect and how it plays a role in your life.

  • 32:00 - Callie talks about the podcast she’s launching.

  • 35:20 - What story women should leave behind this year: Victimhood.

  • 37:00 -  What is a fresh story women should embrace this year: Steal back your life and power!

  • 3:30 - How you can find Callie Dixon online:

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