Building a Business Based on Place-Making, Intentional Gratitude and Elevating Others | Interview with Kristin Tovar

Feminine Foresight Interview with Kristin Tovar

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Show Notes:

I’m so honored to introduce Kristin Tovar to the Feminine Foresight community!

Kristin is a guest I've been wanting to sit down with and interview since before the podcast even came into existence. (Dreams do come true, peeps!) I met Kristin in Tucson, where she has built two businesses that highlight all of the beauty that the city possess.

Kristin first created Why I Love Where I Live as a personal practice of gratitude and intentionality.

But it has since grown into an online movement and she has recently opened a retail store, too!

She also co-founded CULTIVATE Tucson, a pop-up market place that highlights the potential of public spaces and the beautiful work of dozens of local makers and vendors.

In this episode of FF we discuss how the idea of place-making roots Kristin's work and how she has built businesses that put others in the spotlight.

I know you're going to love it!

In this episode:

  • 2:13 - Introduction to Kristin Tovar and her work

  • 3:16 - Background of Why I Love Where I Live and how discontent led to intentionally practicing gratitude for Tucson

  • 5:40 - The other cities that Kristin was drawn to originally and thought she wanted to build her life

  • 6:37 - When the practice of gratitude turned into real gratitude and love for Tucson

  • 10:08 - How Kristin is now able to appreciate big cities without bringing up discontent

  • 11:15 - What the term ‘place-making’ means and how Kristin practices it herself

  • 13:43 - The many layers of a city that Kristin looks at when she considers place-making

  • 15:00 - Kristin’s favorite places in Tucson right now

  • 17:19 - Current challenges that Kristin recognizes are affecting Tucson

  • 18:40 - Kristin shares about her experience launching her retail store, Why I Love Where I Live

  • 20:15 - How Kristin prioritized work and life while launching the store, hosting CULTIVATE and raising two kids

  • 23:00 - The experience of feeling both connected and misunderstood when building communities and businesses

  • 27:42 - How Kristin summarizes the heart of all of her work

  • 29:24 - Where you can find Kristin online and in person!

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