Cultivating Deeper Connections Through Creativity | Interview with Theresa Delaney

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Show Notes:

Theresa Delaney is the founder of Creative Kind, a place for people to come together for crafting, conversation and to support small makers and artists. Four years ago, Creative Kind started as a monthly pop-up workshop series and has continuously evolved ever since.

In my conversation with Theresa, we discuss how crafting is a perfect avenue for making friends as an adult, lessons learned through the ups and downs of running the business, and so much more!

Theresa is a great friend of mine, and I always learn something new from her. This interview was no different. I know you’ll leave it with at least a couple fresh ideas and perspectives.

Growing up, Theresa had a lot of opportunities to explore her creative and business-oriented interests. She talks about her first business teaching her classmates handwriting skills, and other early ventures like sewing headbands and making business cards for her parent’s friends.

She describes herself as a creative dabbler and liked the freedom of being able to paint for a bit, sew for a bit, and then move on to the next crafty thing.

Knowing that background, It makes so much sense that Creative Kind was born by Theresa.

Creative Kind provides a space where people can walk in and start creating. The barriers to creativity are low, you don’t need to plan the project and you don’t need previous experience working with a certain medium. This makes for an incredibly welcoming environment where true creativity thrives and real relationships develop.

The problem that catalyzed Theresa to start Creative Kind was the struggle many adults experience: how do I make friends after college?

Through my first-hand experience with Creative Kind, I know that Theresa is solving this problem in Tucson and I am so grateful for all her effort and intention to build genuine community.

Beyond crafty creativity, Theresa shares a lot about the creative journey of business building. Her honesty about the ups and downs, challenges and growth opportunities are relatable and helpful for anyone that is on the entrepreneurial path as well.

Whether your primary touchpoint to this interview is crafting, creativity, entrepreneurialism, friendship or Tucson, I know you will find the whole conversation helpful and inspirational!

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