My Experience as a Female Breadwinner

What I've Learned Being a Female Breadwinner - Jennifer Spoelma

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Show Notes:

As a social norm (that thankfully is slowly evolving) men are expected to be “the breadwinner” and financially support their families.

But this notion doesn't correlate with modern employment, earning and relationship trends. Women are rising to greater positions in the corporate world than ever before, graduating college at a greater rate, running successful businesses and becoming financially independent through so many avenues!

Women don’t just want to cook the bacon, maybe they want to bring it home, too?!

But here's what's weird. If you do a Google search to learn about female breadwinners, many of the articles focus on negative aspects of being in that position. They sight things like anxiety, poor relationships, infidelity and difficulty finding a spouse. 

I was horrified when I saw this! 

There are significant implications that come with promoting a message that women's financial success will lead to poorer quality of life in personal regards. 

Because you know what? It's just not the truth. 

There is so much self-worth, gratitude and skill development that comes from holding the position of a breadwinner--primary or not, female or male! 

So, let’s normalize talking about women’s success in the workplace. I'm starting right here, sharing about my own experience as a female primary-breadwinner, on episode #15 of Feminine Foresight.

In this episode:
    • The sad truth, from Google (2:22)
    • My story: self-doubt to self-made (4:16)
    • Finding opportunity out of a need for survival (9:17)
    • It’s OK to be proud of yourself for the small goals (10:20)
    • How to balance your whole life (12:15)

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