Intuitive Decision Making: When It's Helpful & When It Isn't

Intuitive Decision Making: When It's Helpful & When It Isn't - Jennifer Spoelma

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Show Notes:

Often times, we may find ourselves in a struggle between battling what path we have planned to take, or believe is best for us, and what is trending. And trends— oh man! Don't they always sound oh, so good?!

Sometimes, trends are great. But other times it will serve you to stay the course you originally had intended.  

So how do you know when to choose which option? 

A lot of people will tell you to follow your intuition. And, I would agree in some cases. 

But what we should all understand is that our intuition isn't fool-proof. Intuition, at it's core is pattern recognition. That means you will sometimes feel led towards options because they are familiar, or because you see others doing them--not because it's actually the best option for you. 

I think everyone is better off if they have a deeper understanding of when, and how to leverage their intuition instead of following it blindly. 

We're breaking down how intuition actually works, and how to use it in this episode! 

In this episode:
    • Addressing the trend of intuition (0:13)
    • The science of intuitive decisions (2:12)
    • Gender and intuition (9:36)
    • Better ways to evaluate your decision making (11:42)

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