How Personality Influences Leadership Self-Efficacy

How Personality Influences Leadership Self-Efficacy - Jennifer Spoelma

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Show Notes:

Personality typing is all the rage! I totally get the appeal of it. It’s helpful to have all of our internal complexities boiled down into something we can define.

I’ve noticed people tend to feel a lot of pride for their personality type, too. But the reality is, no one personality is better than another. They each have their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Our personality plays a major role in the type of leadership that comes naturally to you. By identifying different personality traits you have, you can develop the skills necessary to reign them in for the benefit of your leadership. Learn how to do this in this episode of Feminine Foresight!

 In this episode:

  • Defining personality: the Big 5 personality traits (1:51)

  • The traits that positively effect your leadership (6:34)

  • The traits that negatively effect your leadership (13:47)

  • Take an assessment on your personality! (16:31)

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