Are You Easy or Difficult to "Read"?

Are You Easy or Difficult to "Read"? | Jennifer Spoelma

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Show Notes:

We all know the etiquette of interviews and business meetings— sit up straight, make eye contact, don’t fidget or cross your arms, and so on.

But, did you know your friends, clients, guests, and fellow colleagues learn to trust you in this way, too?

You have a lot more control over how people react to you than you may think!

Today, I’m addressing how the way you are “read” by others. The signals you send tell people how much they can trust you, and how much they should invest in your relationship.  

  • Defining “judgeability” (1:57)

  • What is “expression accuracy?” (2:46)

  • Why expression accuracy leads to greater life fulfillment (3:30)

  • Practicing better judgeability (5:51)

  • Recap (20:37)

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