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What We Can Learn About Work & Purpose From Ayurveda Yoga

The wisdom in Ayurvedic teachings is profound and answers questions about how to approach work, rest and live a life of meaning. My guest for this show is Erica McQuown, a practitioner and teacher of Ayurveda. Erica explains Ayurveda in a way that is both full of wonder and practical at the same time, which makes her a true joy to talk with and learn from.

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How to Live Chronically WELL | Interview with Callie Dixon

In this video, I interview Callie Dixon, author of the blog, River and Quill, and host of the new podcast Chronic Wellness! Callie is passionate about helping people step out of the victimhood of chronic illness so that they can embrace their life fully and purposefully, even while still struggling with the implications of their disease.

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How Creativity & Community Can Flourish With Chronic Illness

In this interview with Kait Masters we discuss how dealing with a chronic illness for 17 years has shaped Kait and her perspectives on work and life. Kait not only works a full time job with Honeybook & Rising Tide Society, but she also is a skilled watercolor painter and volunteers her time to advocate for other patients of chronic illness. Watch our conversation in this video!

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