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Tell Me Your Story Curriculum


The Tell Me Your Story curriculum is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your needs as a teacher. It is great for classroom, Sunday school or home school use!

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The faith of children is beautiful to witness.

Tell Me Your Story was created to help kids realize the power that their personal story of faith can have in the lives of others. The curriculum is based on Bible stories and memory verses that highlight how telling others about Jesus brings us closer to God, encourages others and can help people meet Jesus for themselves.

When kids share their story, people listen.

Teaching kids about the power of their own story and the influence of their voice builds a strong foundation of responsibility and leadership! Their testimonies will touch the hearts of peers and adults for years to come.

Simple PDF format makes the curriculum super easy to use!

Each of the 13 Units Contain:

  • Overview of the lesson
  • Bible story and corresponding lesson
  • Review questions
  • Memory verse
  • Activities (including whole class, group and partner activities, videos and songs)
  • A coloring sheet with the memory verse
  • A take home letter to parents with discussion questions they can ask their child
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Tell Me Your Story is the perfect curriculum to teach elementary students how to share their Jesus story.

It is designed for use in a classroom, home school or Sunday school setting.

There are two versions of the lesson overviews: one that could be done in one hour (also great for Sunday school settings), and another that included activities and plans for a week’s worth of shorter lessons to cover the unit in 5 days. All of the units/lessons are in PDF format.

 The 13 Units Cover the Following Topics:

  • Unit 1: What Is the Purpose of Story?
  • Unit 2: The Bible Is God’s Story to Us!
  • Unit 3: What Makes a Good Story?
  • Unit 4: Stories Are How We Tell People About Jesus!
  • Unit 5: You Have a Story to Share!
  • Unit 6: What Is Your Story’s Setting?
  • Unit 7: What Is Your Character Like?
  • Unit 8: What Is Your Story’s Plot?
  • Unit 9: What Is Your Story’s Theme?
  • Unit 10: Putting Your Story Together
  • Unit 11: How to Be a Gracious Listener
  • Unit 12: Be Brave. Overcome Your Fear.
  • Unit 13: Share Your Story to Glorify God!

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