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Tell It Well

How to Discover, Own and Share Your Story Well

Tell It Well helps you find and articulate your unique story.

Learn about the vision behind Tell It Well!

“Debut author Spoelma believes everyone’s story is unique and should be told, and she has plenty of advice for discovering, embracing, and sharing one’s story of coming to faith and seeing God working in one’s life. Spoelma argues that readers should be upfront about their spiritual life and willing to share. The story doesn’t have to be dramatic, she writes; one just has to be able to share what God has done and is continuing to do.”

– Publisher’s Weekly Review

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Your story has a purpose. Valuing your story is powerful.

Tell It Well is both personal and devotional in nature, creating an open space for you to discover your story as you read. There are curated reflection questions at the end of each chapter to guide you to make personal, real-life connections with the content in the book.


Having a hard time knowing how to talk about your faith?

There is a fallacy that in order to share the gospel you need to “preach it.” This approach is off-putting to both the person sharing and the person listening.  Tell It Well offers a new perspective and method.

Understanding our stories with God being the central figure of both the beautiful and painful seasons gives us the ability to engage with others in authentic ways and “Always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15).



What we cover in Tell It Well!

All the tools you need to start meaningful conversations and share your story confidently.

“This book has me hooked in the first few pages. I felt like Jennifer was writing directly to me”

“This book is packed with truth and I finished it feeling very encouraged and empowered.”

“I’m thrilled and excited to find fresh concepts and new ideas for implementing one of the basic aspect of the Christian life, sharing the gospel.”

Each chapter has a set of reflection questions at the end, which makes Tell It Well a great resource for group discussion.

  • You love Jesus but have a hard time talking about him or explaining your faith in conversation

  • You believe there’s purpose in all of life’s seasons but you’re having a hard time identifying what that purpose is right now

  • You want to learn more about creating authentic, open conversations about faith and religion with your peers

  • You feel like life has been an up and down roller coaster, or scattered all over the place, and you want to find a storyline to help you make sense of it all

  • You lead or mentor people in their walks with God and want to help them root their identity in Christ and own their personal relationship with him

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