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Storytelling Resources


You have a story all your own. It’s full of power, beauty and grace.

If you want more whole-hearted conversations about the things that matter most to you in life, these storytelling resources can help.



Get MY Free Ebook!

Start sharing your story with confidence today!

Quick & Easy-to-read!

20 beautiful and fun pages of content make reading a breeze and a delight! It’s the perfect ‘lunch break’ read to fuel your heart with truth!



Tell IT WEll: How to Discover, Own and Share Your Story WEll

Having a hard time knowing how to talk about your faith?

Tell It Well takes you on a journey to reflect on and articulate your unique story.

It helps you identify the ways God is working in your life, then equips you to explain your faith in a meaningful, relevant way.



Empowered storytelling workshop

Do you ever feel like your story isn’t enough?
Or, maybe you struggle with feeling that it’s too much?

There is so much pressure built up around having a story and sharing it well. Often times, it can leave us feeling insecure or overwhelmed about where to start. My Empowered Storytelling Workshop is tailored to help you recognize and articulate your own powerful story.



Tell me Your Story Kid’s Curriculum

A dynamic and versatile curriculum for kids!

Tell Me Your Story is the perfect curriculum to teach elementary students how to share their Jesus story. It is designed for use in a classroom, home school or Sunday school setting.