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What Is Self-Efficacy and How Does It Relate to Leadership?

Efficacy is all about ability, or effectiveness. It means the ability to create or produce a desired outcome. Self-efficacy, then, refers to your own ability or effectiveness in a given situation. But like many other words that start with the 'self' prefix (self-esteem, self-consciousness, self-awareness, etc.) it has more to do with your self-beliefs than reality.

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Are You a Leader or a Follower?

The first things to break down is -- what forms a leadership identity? Or a followership identity for that matter. The first thing is going to be individual internalization. That means your self belief, your self concept. Do you see yourself as a leader or capable of leading? Or, do you see yourself as a follower or uninterested in leading?

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Moving Past the 'Female Leadership' Conversation

Anytime that there is a social issue; whether it has to do with gender issues, racial issues or disability issues, there is a group of people that is being disadvantaged that the issue revolves around. When this happens, it becomes a topic that we need to talk about. So to move past this conversation would mean it’s no longer a prevalent issue.

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