How to Offer Empathy When It Feels Too Hard to Relate

How to Offer Empathy When It Feels Too Hard to Relate - Jennifer Spoelma

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Show Notes:

Empathy is the epitome of care and consideration for others and their concerns or issues.

We each have a unique baseline for the amount of empathy that comes naturally to us. Whether you’re on the high end of the scale, or the low one, we can all reach a point of empathy burnout.

If you’ve ever felt in over your head with “dealing” with people, then you’ve experienced empathy burnout.

When we reach that point to often, or with the same person too many times, it’s natural to start distancing ourselves.

But what if I told you that empathy isn’t a fixed resource? What if you could actually replenish your store of empathy, even when you’re tired and worn out?

Get the scoop in episode #12 of Feminine Foresight!

In this episode:

  • Introduction to my co-host and sister, Kellie! (1:08)

  • What is empathy burnout? (2:50)

  • Empathy burnout in the workplace (4:37)

  • The research (5:14)

  • Consequences of lack of empathy at work (6:37)

  • How you can detect empathy burnout and fix it (7:59)

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