What is the Transparency Illusion and How Does It Lead to Misunderstanding?

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Show Notes:

Today, I’m starting a mini-series of episodes related to misunderstanding, and how to overcome different aspects of it. It's called "Understanding Misunderstandings".

Most of the topics we'll cover are not the obvious bits you may think of. Instead, we're uncovering the more deep-rooted psychological and sub-conscious factors that so often lead to us feeling unknown and misunderstood.

Because the more understood you feel, the more whole you feel. 

And I want you to feel whole so that you can speak and lead with confidence and authenticity. 

To start off, I’m teaching you about a new topic: the transparency illusion.

In a nutshell, the transparency illusion is the feeling that what you think, feel and intend is obvious to the person you're talking to. Especially when we are nervous or uncertain, we can feel like we are divulging way more information than we mean to. This causes us to tighten up, withhold information and feel exposed. 

I'm guessing that's not how you want to feel. 

Instead, you want to feel cool, calm and collected. Me too! 

So that's what we're going to learn how to do in today's episode. Join me in the podcast!

In this episode:

  • Be appropriately blunt (3:20)

  • People aren’t mind readers (4:23)

  • How this illusion causes misunderstanding (5:15)

  • Empathy and misunderstanding (7:13)

  • Know your “why” (7:50)

I filmed this video mid-move come check out the packing fun! 

Find more details on the blog, and comment your thoughts on transparency and misunderstanding!

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