Why I Finally Decided to Leave My Corporate Job to Build My Own Business

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In this episode:

For those of you that have been along on my journey for a while, you know that work is very important to me and something that I desire for people to find more joy and satisfaction in. One way I’ve approached this is by questioning the cultural trends and stories that elevates certain types of work over others.

The biggest offender? The story that working for yourself, or being an entrepreneur is somehow more fulfilling or worthy than working for someone else.

I’ve bought into this mindset myself, and found it lacking. It led to anxiety, frustration and an overall feeling that I was failing because I had a side hustle but not a clear path for how it would lead to a sustainable business.

I started this podcast in large part to learn and share how to find satisfaction and meaning in work. What I discovered over the years challenged me to work on my mindset first, in an attempt to change my experience at work.

In this episode, I share my story of quitting my job way prematurely (out of stress), how I asked for it back, and found more joy working that job in the year and a half that followed that experience. I also share why now I’ve decided that it’s time for me to go all in building my own business, despite being at a great point in my corporate career.

I hope that you enjoy this personal look into my story, and find aspects of it relatable to your own career journey!