"Too Much On Your Plate" the New Indictment for Ambitious Women

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Show Notes:

Ambitious women who enjoy taking on many projects are often told, “You have too much on your plate”.

While this sentiment is often shared by well meaning people, the implications are worth considering. For many, rather than being received as an encouragement, being told “you have too much on your plate” feels like an indictment.

In this podcast episode, we discuss why something so seemingly harmless reinforces a toxic mentality and how we can combat this thought pattern. Key takeaway: we need to get better at supporting women instead of undermining their hard work.

In this episode:

  • 1:03 - Intro: Why I hate the phrase “too much on your plate” and how it discredits the work women do.

  • 4:26 - We can use our energy how we choose. It is possible to have a full life without maxing out.

  • 5:13 - How men are praised for the same ambitious mentality while women are told they should do less.

  • 7:09 - Why I still sometimes use the phrase “too much on my plate” out of guilt.

  • 08:17 - How to recognize the undertones of the unhealthy story that women are not in control of the endeavors they take on, and how to change that narrative.

  • 13:04 - How we can support women in their endeavors by celebrating them instead of worrying that they are doing too much.

  • 15:45 - What to do when someone else tells you, “I have too much on my plate”.

  • 22:05 - Recap: We should give women the same support in pursuing multiple things that we give to men.

  • 23:40 - BIG NEWS! I’m offering a new service! Learn how I can help you make major life choices through decision coaching.

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