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How Personality Influences Leadership Self-Efficacy

Personality has a big influence on how you view yourself and the way you respond to situations. Because of this, it also largely influences our Leadership Self-Efficacy - or our belief in our own leadership abilities. In this episode of Feminine Foresight, we look at the Big Five Personality Theory traits and discuss how the positively, or negatively, influence Leadership Self-Efficacy.

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What Is Self-Efficacy and How Does It Relate to Leadership?

Efficacy is all about ability, or effectiveness. It means the ability to create or produce a desired outcome. Self-efficacy, then, refers to your own ability or effectiveness in a given situation. But like many other words that start with the 'self' prefix (self-esteem, self-consciousness, self-awareness, etc.) it has more to do with your self-beliefs than reality.

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