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Teaching People to Care for Each Other | Interview with Alyssa Gallion

The heart of Alyssa’s business is helping people connect, be their best selves and learn how to care for one another. And she makes this happen through creating beautiful parties that give back to the community—how amazing is that? Learn more from this wise woman who’s full of fun in this episode of Feminine Foresight!

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Finding Purpose & Passion at Work with Chronic Illness | Interview with Kait Masters

In this interview with Kait Masters we discuss how dealing with a chronic illness for 17 years has shaped Kait and her perspectives on work and life. Kait not only works a full time job with Honeybook & Rising Tide Society, but she also is a skilled watercolor painter and volunteers her time to advocate for other patients of chronic illness. Listen to our conversation in this podcast!

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How to Rock the Influencer + Corporate Job Life | Interview with Adaleta Avdic

Adaleta Avdíc is rocking the dual-career life. She is a successful social media influencer and also works a full-time corporate job in the tourism industry. Adaleta has found a way to influence and market products while still being straightforward and offering real talk that is often hilarious. She is an excellent inaugural interviewee for the feminine Foresight podcast!

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