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How to Make Better Decisions & Build the Life You Want

Decisions are at the core of every success story and every personal triumph. Isn’t it crazy then to think that most of our tools for making good decisions only include asking for advice, making pros and cons lists , or the trial and error approach? My goal is to help people make empowered decisions, and a place to start is helping them understand the strengths & weaknesses of their decision-making tendencies. Learn the 4 styles of decision making in this episode!

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Gaslighting At Work: How to Recognize and Deal With It

Gaslighting is a horrible form of psychological manipulation and control. It's characterized by a manipulator causing a victim to question their own judgement, memory and sanity. In this episode, I discuss how to identify when this might be happening to you (or someone you know) at work and how to deal with it.

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