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How to Build Resiliency as a Woman in Male-Dominated Workplaces

Too often we chalk up our bad experiences at work to our environment. For example, a negative culture, a bad boss, monotonous work, etc. In this episode, we dive into research that shows how to build resiliency so that the stress of these factors has less impact on your life and you can thrive despite your circumstances, especially as a woman in male-dominated career fields!

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What to Do When You Encounter Male Chauvinism

Call it what you want: male chauvinism, misogyny, bro culture, being a condescending jerk, or otherwise. You know what I'm talking about. When a man treats you in a demeaning way by dismissing your ideas, giving you unsolicited and arrogant advice, or treating you more like an object than a person--that's male chauvinism. In this episode, I’m sharing my own experiences and how I’m choosing to handle these situations.

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How to Speak Up Confidently At Work

In order to inspire others and create real change, it is crucial to be confident while you’re speaking. And yet, so many people refrain from speaking up in professional settings because they doubt their belonging, they second guess their knowledge, they don't want to interrupt someone else, etc. In this podcast, I share three tips for how to confidently communicate in the workplace.

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