Why You Think People Critique You More Than They Really Do

Why the spotlight effect can make you feel insecure and how to overcome it

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Show Notes:

I'm sure you remember being in middle school, or high school and feeling that relentless weight that everyone was watching you?

Maybe you still feel that way, like you’re under a spotlight? 

It can be a horrible feeling because you feel limited and insecure. Like everyone is just waiting for you to mess up so they can laugh at you.

Well, this feeling is all from a psychological experience called the spotlight effect. 

And this episode is going to teach you how you can beat it so you don't get stuck in the trap of consciousness! 

This is the second episode in the mini-series "Understanding Misunderstandings". In it, we're discussing another psychological aspect that subtly plays a huge part in our own roles as leaders, women, creatives, spouses, friends--people in general! 

No matter how old you get, or confident you are, this is an aspect of life that affects us all like the common cold— lurking secretively until the time is right to emerge, yet again. Spooky, huh? 

Listen in on the podcast to fine-tune your radar to this pychological phenomenon so you can stop it in it's tracks next time!

Episode highlights:

  • The Spotlight Effect (2:48)

  • Know your worth (8:27)

  • Gaining self-confidence (14:14)

Watch the video to see how I’m instilling these tools in my life. Then read more on the blog, and tell me how you’ve overcome the spotlight affect!

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