Shipping Container Homes, Mental Health and Feminism | Interview with Dr. Janelle Briggs

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Show Notes:

Today I’m introducing you to my friend, Dr. Janelle Briggs. She is the Co-Founder of Stackhouse, which is a company built to provide sustainable, eco-friendly and affordable housing via shipping containers. Seriously, she’s so cool!

Janelle and her partner, Ryan, created Stackhouse to provide affordable home ownership in Downtown cities, specifically targeting millennials.

Their solution? Beautiful homes built in shipping containers that are customizable, eco-friendly and can easily moved from downtown to downtown across the country.

I love talking with Janelle because she is always informed and thoughtful about nearly every important social topic. We can deep dive into important discussions on a whim and we do just that in this episode!

In this episode:

  • 3:30 - The many places Janelle lived while growing up because her parents we’re in the military.

  • 5:05 - Deep dive conversation into mental health, why the conversation matters and how to approach it.

  • 10:32 - How Janelle and I met while she was a mentor for a startup mini-incubator I participated in.

  • 12:55 - Janelle’s educational background and why she decided to pursue her PhD in Communications and Women’s Studies.

  • 18:00 - Janelle shares about her dissertation looking at the themes used when people talk about women in sports.

  • 20:20 - “Women deserve to be sweaty and strong.”

  • 21:00 - How Janelle grapples with and finds balance between creating change for women without becoming a “feminist killjoy.”

  • 24:50 - A couple of Janelle’s role models that she looks up to for direction and inspiration.

  • 26:55 - What conversations Janelle is excited are happening in social commentary right now.

  • 30:15 - What conversation trends Janelle finds are detracting from the goals of feminism.

  • 32:25 - Stackhouse background and where Janelle and Ryan’s passion and expertise comes from.

  • 35:13 - The eco-friendly aspects of Stackhouse living.

  • 39: 45 - Reasons we love living downtown and considerations for long-term living.

  • 40:30 - Where the first Stackhouse is being built and current construction schedule.

  • 42:20 - Janelle’s experience in the startup world. And how she perceives/handles the “bro culture” of the startup and entrepreneurship world.

  • 55:30 - Ideas currently motivating Janelle: Conscious Capitalism, and B-Corps

  • How you can find Stackhouse online:

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