How Do I Share My Dreams With Others Well?

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Even though our dreams and ideas tend to revolve around our biggest passions, it’s typical to freeze up when it comes to talking about those dreams with other people. You know what I mean, don’t you?!

For example, “So, I heard you started a podcast?”

“Uh, yeah... I just thought it would be a great way to share information and I think it will be fun and podcasts may be a bit trendy right now, but I think it’s the best way to reach people so I’m going to give it a try for now.”

Good sell, huh? ;)

Fill in “podcast” for the dream on your heart. I’m willing to bet you’ve stumbled while trying to talk about it at least a couple of times. Right?

This reaction stems from fear and uncertainty.

What if my idea doesn’t make sense to them? What if they think its boring or cliché? What if they don’t think I’m capable of pursuing my dream to completion? Or, even, what if they steal my idea?

When we let those fears take charge, they are disabling and sometimes can even extinguish our dreams. Since most dreams can’t come into existence without speaking about them, creating them or acting on them, this poses a problem.

It means that we have to be courageous and face our fears at the beginning of our pursuit--even though that’s when we’re most vulnerable and don’t have all of the answers.

I first attempted to answer this question of how to communicate my dreams to others about four and a half years ago when I started a series on my blog called the “Really Hard Questions”. It’s fascinating to me to look back on because only a month after publishing the post titled, “How to Share Your Dreams With Others Well” I announced to the world my biggest dream to date.

I told the internet that I planned to write a book. It was the most courageous and vulnerable thing I had done at that point in my life. I was scared about what people would think, how they would respond and imagined what it would feel like to fail in front of an audience. But I did it anyways.

Part of the reason I got to that point was by preparing for the potential conflict and uncertainty before it arrived (via writing said blog post). I had my plan in place for how I would communicate and respond whether the audience was cheering me on or skeptical and unsupportive.

So no matter what dream keeps your mind occupied, if you want to be proactive about overcoming the hurdle of fear that may be in front of you, this podcast episode is for you!

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