You Aren't Wasting Your Time While Waiting

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The pressure we feel to achieve and produce--especially at an early age--can be intense. Our culture celebrates rising stars, young innovators and the exceptional outliers who find and create success at a very young age.

This episode speaks the truth that early achievement, or lack thereof, does not define the rest of your life. You are not wasting your time if you are in a period of learning, growth and gathering information.

This is the first of a handful of episodes I'll be releasing this summer that are inspired by some of my early writings on my blog. It's an opportunity to discuss how certain ideas, vision and hopes came to fruition, and how gained life experience has shifted or evolved my thinking.

I first wrote a blog post titled "You Haven't Wasted Your Time" on January 14, 2015. Two weeks into the new year, and I was probably feeling the pressure of trying to be perfect by way of New Year's Resolutions. I often struggled to balance my ambitious appetite and goals with the reality I had very little money, influence or time. I spent a lot of mental energy that year focusing and re-focusing on making small, consistent steps in the direction I knew I wanted to go.

At the time, that meant writing weekly blog posts, growing my network to interview a wider range of guests, and launching new blog series when I saw ideas catching on. I was being intentional, yet every day I struggled with the thought, *"What am I doing?! Why am I wasting my time working on this website?!"*

What I didn't know when I wrote this, is that in just 6 short months, the opportunity to write a real book would come. And when I say "opportunity" I don't mean that a publisher came and asked me to write a book. Rather, I was able to recognize that writing a book was something I was capable of and could help jumpstart the career path I wanted to pursue.

I knew I wanted to build a career as an author and speaker. And I was clear that I wanted to write great books. I thought the best way to get there was by starting early and getting all the practice I could, so that 20 years from now, my books will be great!

There is a challenge in this episode to get clear on the goals you have for yourself. And I know that's not an easy task for everyone.

But without knowing what you're working towards and how you want that to look, there will always be a constant battle to prioritize measures of success that are externally defined.

Knowing your goals, and why you want them, provides a buoy for you to come back to when you find yourself exhausted by the pressure to be someone else's version of successful.

And when you know what you're working towards, there is freedom from the constant need to produce and achieve. You can learn and grow and build while you wait.

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