A New Conversation on Female Leadership

A New Conversation About Female Leadership with Jennifer Spoelma

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Show Notes:

Welcome to Feminine Foresight! Whether you’ve been following along while I’ve built this brand, or you’re just now tuning in—hello! I’d like to introduce you to Feminine Foresight: what its about, what it stands for and for whom this knowledge is here to support.

And, while the name might understandably lead people to think this is a podcast just for women, it’s not!

I wholeheartedly encourage a collaborative approach between men and women in pursuing cultural change for women. I always invite men to be a part of the conversation and welcome their thoughts and perspectives!

Feminine Foresight is for entrepreneurs, full-time workers in the business sector, and leaders alike— women and men. Have a listen!

In this episode:

  • Investing in yourself as a leader (0:49)

  • Why Feminine Foresight is not only for women (2:36)

  • Women are leaders, not ‘female leaders’ (6:22) 

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