Moving Past the 'Female Leadership' Conversation

Moving past the women's leadership conversation with Jennifer Spoelma

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Show Notes:

Whaaaaat? You write and speak about leadership topics for women and you’re saying we need to get over it?

Yup! I am.

But here’s why: anytime there is a descriptor or qualifier in front of a noun, it indicates it’s somehow different from the norm. In this case, “female leadership” bothers me, because it indicates that female leaders are somehow devient from the norm. Which, to some, can imply inferiority. Not good! Many women are leaders, just as many me are, too.

So let’s change the conversation so that it becomes a supportive topic, rather than an oppressive one. It’s all about the mindset you allow yourself to have when it comes to these barriers and doubts put up against you. Let’s push past them!

In this episode:

  • A world that resolves instead of creates disadvantages toward people’s differences (1:10)

  • My story about feeling inferior as a leader (2:46)

  • What is a leader? (4:25)

  • How to gain confidence in a leadership position in the workplace (5:10)

  • Using barriers as motivation (6:25)

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