The Medieval Queen That Will Rock Your World

The Medieval Queen That Will Rock Your World with Jennifer Spoelma

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Show Notes:

Mathilda of Flanders—haven’t heard of her? You’re not alone!

But, you need to change that right now and listen to this story about a medieval queen who defied the cookie cutter role women in her area were expected to uphold.

She used her intelligence and grace to influence politics for the good of her people.

And, she had an awesome, supportive marriage with her husband.

It doesn’t get better than that, people. If you’ve never heard of Mathidla of Flanders before, it’s a true honor to be the one to introduce you to this little-known leading lady in history. Enjoy!

In this episode:

  • Who is Matilda of Flanders? (0:20)

  • How one medieval couple overcame their barriers of gender stereotypes (5:11)

  • Matilda as a confident leader (8:10)

  • Being proud of ourselves and other women for all accomplishments (10:00)

  • A snippet from Becca (13:08)

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