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Show Notes:

Genecia Alluora is former Miss Singapore and the Southeast Asia Woman of Excellence 2010. She is the founder of Soul Rich Woman, the #1 female entrepreneur network in Southeast Asia that connects more than 200,000 women across the region. Her network has a presence in 7 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Genecia started working when she was 14 years-old to help support her family financially. Her first job was as a dance instructor, which is something she enjoyed doing.

After a couple of years, her entrepreneurial leaning started to show itself. 

She wanted to solve the problem, “How can I get paid more while offering a service?” As a dance instructor, she was trading time for money and wanted that to change. Her solution? She hired a handful of friends and made them her teammates. Instead of just teaching one class per hour, Genecia was able to teach six and make a profit from each one. 

Her next business venture was creating and managing a retail coffee chain that had several storefronts. In fact, Genecia and her business partners had so much success that they were eventually acquired by a big brand name. 

During that time, Genecia realized her true passion.

She wanted to help women build successful businesses so that they could feel fabulous, be free and find financial success. Her specific niche is helping women in Asia create and sustain business online, where everyone has a shot at success. 

Genecia has been so diligent in pursuing her vision and she has results to show for it. Her work is an overflow of her generous heart, and you feel it from the moment she starts talking.

Because Genecia has an incredible record of successes, it might be tempting to think that they came naturally or without difficulty. But don’t be fooled into thinking that. What I appreciate most about Genecia’s interview is her willingness to share her mistakes and learnings. To her, there is so much connectedness between failure and success, but you need to channel it intentionally. 

Genecia talks fast, so we were able to cover so much ground in this interview. I learned so much, and I know you will too!

Here is a quick list of what you have to look forward to:

  • How to live beyond your self-doubt

  • How your mess can become your message 

  • How to forgive yourself for a business failure and move forward purposefully

  • How to close the gap between your current situation and where you want to be

  • How to delegate tasks so that you can work in your zone of genius more often

  • How to build a team where everyone feels valued and gets to contribute their best work

  • The power of authentic storytelling online

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