How to Speak Up Confidently At Work

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Show Notes:

In order to inspire others and create real change, it is crucial to be confident while you’re speaking.

And yet, so many people refrain from speaking up in professional settings because they doubt their belonging, they second guess their knowledge, they don't want to interrupt someone else, etc.

In this podcast, I share three tips for how to confidently communicate in the workplace.

Because confidence changes the game. And the reality is, confidence can be developed--even by the most insecure people.

Why does this matter?

It matters because you have experiences and perspectives that are valuable. If you're at work, you're part of a team. And part of being a good team members means that you contribute and help others. If you keep your thoughts and ideas to yourself out of insecurity, you'll be frustrated at work, but you'll also be letting your team down.

If you often find yourself thinking about all the things you should have said, or wondering how people would have responded to your ideas, please listen to this episode!

For more information, feel free to check out my newest e-book on the subject: The Ultimate Guide to Speaking Up With Confidence At Work.

In this episode:

  • 1:00 - Introduction: Why I now feel so confident while speaking at work.

  • 2:19 - Why I felt my age played a role in others’ perceptions of my confidence.

  • 4:12 - How confidence gives you the power to create change and inspire other people.

  • 8:42 - The core of confidence is your mental mindset. I share some tips on how you can develop a strong mental mindset and sense of belonging at work.

  • 14:08 - How the Spotlight Effect plays a role in your confidence.

  • 19:03 - How to politely interject yourself into a conversation and have your voice heard amongst a group.

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