The Female Role Model Project | Interview with Tjasa Ferme

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Show Notes:

Tjasa Ferme has built a long career in the theatrical arts. She is an actor and has written and produced a few of her own shows.

The Female Role Model Project is her most recent creation that she is also acting in.

I love everything about this project. I’m so inspired and intrigued by Tjasa’s work.

In this show, she blends the stories of women from childhood to old age with universal themes about what it means to be a woman.

And, it has an innovative technology aspect to top it off!

The actors wear brain wave sensors while performing so you can see their responses to the various stories the portray. How cool is that? Listen in to learn more!

In this episode:

  • 3:40 - Tjasa’s background in theatre. From growing up as the daughter of a rockstar to where she is now performing and producing shows that get performed internationally.

  • 5:15 - Why she is particularly drawn to acting in a theatre context.

  • 6:12 - The traumatic incidences that inspired Tjasa’s first and second plays.

  • 8:15 - The background on how The Female Role Model Project came to be.

  • 11:05 - How consciousness and decision-making shifts for actors when they are portraying different characters.

  • 12:05 - The neuroscience technology that The Female Role Model Project utilizes to sense the brain activity of the actors while they perform.

  • 14:55 - The riskiness of interweaving the technology into live theatre.

  • 16:24 - The topics that are discussed in the “teenage” phase of the show.

  • 20:34 - The progression of how The Female Role Model Project was developed from workshops to stage performance.

  • 21:49 - How adaptable the show is for different communities. Actors can be replaced to share their own stories that resonate with the audience.

  • 24:10 - The topics that are covered in the adulthood portion of the show.

  • 26:45 - Audience questions that come out during the interactive portion of the how. Including sexuality, motherhood and aging.

  • 30:00 - What Tjasa hoped to learn through the use of the neuroscience tracking and technology. And what she’s learning through this particular show.

  • 33:15 - The main takeaways Tjasa hopes her audience walks away with.

  • 38:10 - The reactions and reviews that The Female Role Model Project has received.

  • How you can find The Female Role Model Project online:

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