How Courage, Compassion and Commitment Make a Leader | Interview with Cindy Stagg

Feminine Foresight Interview with Cindy Stagg

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Show Notes:

Cindy Stagg is an author and motivational speaker who I’ve been following for the past couple of years. She’s recently launched her newest business, Stagg Youth Leadership, with the vision to teach kids practical leadership skills.

Cindy embodies foresight. She is an action-taker and is invested in building up the next generation.

She created a positive solution to address the horrible issues facing today’s schools, like bullying and school shootings. She teaches kids the three C’s of Courage, Compassion & Commitment to help them become good citizens of their schools, and their world.

Cindy’s insights on leadership and empowering kids to step into their potential astound me. If you have kids, work with kids or just like kids, this episode will astound you too. I hope you enjoy!

In this episode:

  • Getting to know Cindy (1:53)

  • Foundation of Stagg Youth Leadership (4:32)

  • The inspiration to start Stagg Youth Leadership (5:37)

  • Why she believes students are the most important change agents (14:15)

  • The three C’s of Courage, Compassion & Commitment (17:28)

  • Unique challenges Generation Z faces (31:04)

  • Does teaching kids leadership look different as a parent than a speaker? (40:04)

  • One message for all kids everywhere (48:53)

  • We all need a cheerleader in our pocket (52:38)

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Cindy & I also recorded a video version of our interview you can watch to see our excitement!