How to Claim Your Personal Power With Dignity & Regalness

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Show Notes:

It is a genuine honor to introduce you to Kristi McNab in today’s episode! Kristi is a transformational coach who helps people recognize their strength and tap into their full potential.

In our conversation, we talk about how individuals can take hold of their personal power, and how doing so enables them to create from a place of confidence rather than ego.

Kristi believes that we are each more powerful than we imagine ourselves to be. And we can choose to own our power and learn to use it for good in the world. She shares several ways we can put our power into practice in this episode, and I think it would be impossible to leave it not feeling pumped up and inspired!

In this episode:

  • 1:02 Introduction to Kristi.

  • 2:09 What is transformational coaching?

  • 5:05 Finding purpose.

  • 8:02 Kristi’s podcast.

  • 9:19 How Kristi defines creativity.

  • 11:22 Setting intention.

  • 14:07 Creating out of ego.

  • 17:49 Themes Kristi picked up on from podcast interviews.

  • 20:59 Being a “snowflake”.

  • 22:30 The new definition of strength.

  • 27:11 Practicing your power.

  • 29:13 The story Kristi thinks women should leave behind and adopt.

  • 31:39 How to contact Kristi.

  • Link to the Kundalini yoga resource Kristi mentioned in our interview.

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