Finding Purpose & Passion at Work with Chronic Illness | Interview with Kait Masters

Feminine Foresight Podcast Interview with Kait Masters

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Show Notes:

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Kait has been inspiring me to be a better person ever since I first met her. She has a presence of peace and strength that she shares with everyone she interacts with, even when it’s just over the phone. I can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself in this episode!

17 years ago Kait was diagnosed with a chronic illness.

The diagnoses and implications of living with chronic illness have had significant impacts on Kait’s life. But she hasn’t let the difficulties hinder her. Instead, Kait has sought, and fought for ways to craft her life and work to be purposeful.

I am particularly impressed by the diversity of Kait’s work and how each one fulfills a different part of her soul.

In this interview we discuss Kait’s full-time job at Honeybook & Rising Tide Society, her watercolor painting under her brand, Larkspur & Laurel and the volunteer work she does advocating for other chronic illness patients.

I know you will inspired and invigorated after listening to the episode!

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