How to Foster Community and Build a Tribe-Based Business | Interview with Erin Barrio

Feminine Foresight Interview with Erin Barrio

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Show Notes:

Erin Barrio is the founder of Cushy, an online portfolio where "community is key". Through a platform that includes a print and digital magazine, podcast and more, Cushy is bringing together women from across the country to build the content together.

Erin started Cushy as a personal pursuit of creativity, but quickly noticed there was opportunity to scale it to something bigger.

In a day where most people are concerned about creating a personal brand and getting credit for their content, I am so encouraged by Erin's path.

Instead of making Cushy all about her, she is experimenting and learning how to build a platform that not only feeds her readers, but feeds her team of contributors.

Erin's full-time job in venture capital has helped her think about things a bit differently than most bloggers, and we discuss all of it in today's episode!

In this episode:

  • 2:42 - Erin’s background, education and location

  • 4:16 - How lack of creative energy led to starting Cushy blog

  • 5:06 - Experience of holding first print magazine in hand

  • 9:03 - How Erin transitioned Cushy from a personal blog to a community blog with multiple contributors

  • 14:28 - What the slogan “Community is Key” means to Erin and Cushy

  • 17:31 - Story of how Cushy became a business rather than staying a personal blog

  • 19:48 - How to turn the idea of business-building into a creative pursuit

  • 24:06 - What Erin’s full-time job working in venture capital looks like

  • 31:00 - How Erin found her career and entrepreneurial passion and opportunity

  • 33:00 - Chatting about salary negotiations and how we prepare for high-pressure conversations

  • 36:41 - Major lessons Erin has learned from her full-time job to apply to Cushy

  • 40:59 - What Erin’s work/life balance really looks like

  • 41:46 - Erin’s overview of “core desired feelings” and how she practices them

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