3 Reasons Bricolage Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals

3 Reasons Bricolage Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals | Jennifer Spoelma

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Show notes:

As creatives, we often find ourselves feeling weighed down by all the things we "should" have, or by the lack of resources or opportunities we think we need to succeed. We sometimes forget to have fun while we're in the process! Instead, we wait until we reach some level of success or achieve our goals.

This is a deflating way to live. It can easily lead to comparison and jealousy of others when we start to think that they have it easier than we do. 

That's not how I want to live, and I'm pretty sure you don't want to, either! 

Bricolage is a mindset and practice that can help keep us in our own lane, enjoying our unique journey and successes!

Understanding the concept of bricolage revitalizes that feeling of wingin’ it, and makes the path to success feel exciting and attainable. Today I’m talking about why practicing bricolage can make your dreams come true! Sounds cheesy, right? Maybe, but I'm sharing a few of my own stories about how I've achieved my goals with bricolage. 

I break it down into three ways you can have the same results, too!

In this episode:

  • Recap: What is “bricolage?” (0:40)

  • Reason 1: Freedom to dream (2:20)

  • Story: From anti-technology to blogger (2:55)

  • Learning to blog with Bricolage (4:45)

  • Reason 2: Motivation (5:50)

  • Breaking your personal constraints (6:18)

  • Reason 3: Expand your networking (7:54)

  • Owning It! (8:32)

  • Community over Competition (9:33)

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