The 'Bossy' Lady Struggle

The 'Bossy' Lady Struggle with Jennifer Spoelma

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Show Notes:

There are a handful of words in the English language that can make us cringe just thinking about being labeled as such.

“Bossy” is one of those words.

Especially as a woman, being labeled as bossy can feel as degrading as having a major rumor spread about you in the professional world.

Many opt to try and avoid being labeled bossy at all costs. But, there’s a catch. There certainly can be a cost when we seek to appease rather than live into our gifting s as leaders.

I propose, rather than succumbing to the pitfalls of a title, we take these words, and rephrase them to work more powerfully toward our capabilities.

Want to better understand the dynamics that come along with being labeled “bossy”? It’s all right here in episode #4!

 In this episode:

  • “Bossy” equals bad (0:36)

  • Why we are scared of being bossy (3:43)

  • Types of leadership (4:53)

  • Where “bossy” came from (6:31)

  • From bossy to boss (7:31)


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