Discussing Bias and Double Standards for Women

Discussing Bias and Double Standards for Women with Jennifer Spoelma

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Show Notes:

As often as we hear it and see it, we definitely don’t talk about it as much as we should.

So, I’m talking about it!

Biases and double standards are a repetitive pitfall of leadership and influencers.

And while they’re already harmful on their own, victims of bias and double standards can sometimes make it worse by coming to expect this treatment.

But the good news it, there are so many great ways to avoid these subconscious evils.

The bonus? Science shows some biases and double standards favor women. Yay! Listen and check it out!

In this episode:

  • The study that eliminates gender bias and double standards (1:53)

  • What do we do about it? (3:19)

  • The results (4:25)

  • Evaluating agentic leadership (6:05)

  • Characteristics of servant leadership (6:28)

  • Overcoming biases and double standards (7:35)

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