How to Make Better Decisions & Build the Life You Want

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Decisions are at the core of every success story and every personal triumph. Isn’t it crazy then to think that most of our tools for making good decisions only include asking for advice, making pros and cons lists, or the trial and error approach?

My goal is to help people make empowered decisions, and a great place to start is helping them understand the strengths & weaknesses of their decision-making tendencies.

There are four main styles of decision making that people tend to follow. They include: Analytical, Directive, Conceptual and Behavioral.

These aren’t personality types. However, your personality probably influences your decision-making style! Instead, the decision-making styles are identified by where your preference lies on the following spectrums: ambiguity <—> structure, and, task/technical <—> people/social.

*If you’re a visual person, definitely check out my blog post Understanding the 4 Decision-Making Styles — It has graphics and images of the spectrums and matrix!

We never know what life is going to throw at us, what opportunities might present themselves to us, and how our priorities may shift in time.

That knowledge assures us that we’ll always have big decisions to make. And most of the time those decisions will need to be made in new or uncertain situations! One of the best ways to ensure that you are consistently building toward the life you want—and realizing your potential—is by developing your decision-making skills.

To start, listen in on this episode to learn about the various decision-making styles. If you want to know which style describes you best, take my free quiz and get a complete profile sent to you!