How to Rock the Influencer + Corporate Job Life | Interview with Adaleta Avdic

Feminine Foresight Interview with Adaleta Avdic

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Show Notes:

Adaleta Avdic is rocking the dual-career life. She is a successful social media influencer and also works a full-time corporate job in the tourism industry. You can find her on Instagram, YouTube and her blog, talking about fashion, lifestyle, travel, beauty, and altogether being yourself.

Adaleta has found a way to influence and market products while still being straightforward and offering real talk that is often hilarious. Her honesty with her followers is a huge part of why people love her!

This interview with Adaleta is getting down to the WHY? behind work and personal motivation.

We discuss how to use social media to build a business while staying true to what you believe in, and what inspires passion in you most.

Find out what she has to say about all of this and more, right here, on episode #29 of Feminine Foresight.

In this episode:
• Who is Adaleta? (2:14)
• Breaking norms by being yourself (6:24)
• How influencers make money & how Adaleta ‘made it’ (10:53)
• How immigration impacted Ada (20:08)
• The creation & sustainability of (26:20)
• Corporate world & how it benefits your side-hustle (37:28)
• Corporate & side-hustle BTS with Adaleta (46:43)
• Promoting body positivity as a beauty enhancement & fashion influencer (50:52)

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