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I’m Jennifer Spoelma.

I’m a professional career coach, author, speaker and podcast host.

I believe in continuously pursuing growth and that when we stretch out of our comfort zones, the best life happens.

I coach, write for, and speak to people who desire to live life intentionally and want to bring their home life, values and work into alignment.

My work is guided by the word foresight which means provident care, or taking action now to create the future you want.


It's time to stop day-dreaming about what could be.

If you are discontent, anxious, or feeling stuck at work, it's time for you to make some brave, wise decisions to change that.

You are completely capable of building a life & career with impact, purpose, and fun.

I'm here to be your guide.

I'm taking action to reclaim the inherent value of work.

The future I'm creating is one where people feel confident and worthy in their skills, pursue their goals intentionally and know how to make the best decisions for themselves.

I do this work through coaching individuals, consulting with businesses, writing, podcasting and speaking.




Successfully transitioned two different, full-time jobs into part-time contract work.

Both times I was able to negotiate double (or more) of my original hourly salary! This allowed me to take on new opportunities and pursue my passions while still paying the bills.

Job-crafted a $10,000 promotion without following the management track.

I was able to define a position that I would thrive in, without sacrificing any potential income.

Increased my salary by 260% in 3.5 years.

By switching industries and transitioning into new roles, I was able to command a raise on average every six months.

Wrote & self-published my first book.

I knew I wanted to be an author and serve people with the written word. So I figured out the process and published Tell It Well: How to Discover, Own and Share Your Story Well just before my 25th birthday. Happy birthday to me!

Launched and fully-funded a Kickstarter campaign.

This was wayyy out of my comfort zone but I learned so much. The celebration was real when I hit that $14,000 mark!

Are you ready to make some big, bold decisions for yourself?

All my best to you on your journey,



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