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ready to find renewed direction for your work & life?


You’re in the right place.

I’m Jennifer Spoelma, a professional career coach devoted to helping my clients build careers that align with their lifestyle and values.

I specialize in helping multi-passionate people hone in on their strengths and develop their foresight.

That’s the secret to making confident, aligned and successful career decisions that lead to long-term happiness.


 Before you make

your next big career decision,

make sure you know

the strengths and weaknesses of

Your Decision Making Style

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You can be “Multi-Passionate” & Still build an intentional, successful career

  • Do you have a full-time job and a side hustle?

  • Do you work freelance and serve a broad spectrum of clients?

  • Are you a working parent trying to carve out time for your artwork?

  • Are you back in school while also working?

  • Do you need a creative outlet to stay sane in the day-to-day?

  • Do you own 50 website domains and have notebooks full of business ideas?

Well, you’re in good company.


As a creative, multi-passionate person myself, I understand the discomfort and stress of not being able to find “your thing”.

But through personal experience, professional training and working with other clients like you, I know it is totally possible for you to build a fulfilling, purposeful and financially successful career.

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When you have lots of different interests, skills and ideas, finding a job that “fits” you sometimes feels impossible.

The problem isn’t your ability to perform well and excel in your work, it’s that your work doesn’t keep you engaged for long.

How do you change this?

By developing career clarity, self-awareness of your strengths, and great decision-making skills.

Working with a career coach is a great first step!

Jennifer Spoelma Career Coach

What future will you create for yourself?



Taking action now to create the future you want to see.


Want your future career to feel different than it does right now?

Learn how to start building your dream career today, right where you’re at!

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