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For people considering making a career change.


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What Will I LEarn In THis Workshop?

Learn how to thoughtfully and confidently make major career decisions.

The framework I’ll teach you is adaptable to a range of career decisions (and other major life decisions) and is a tool you can use again and again in the future. 

Join the workshop to learn how to make career decisions that fast track you towards accomplishing your goals! 

This is a training you can’t find anywhere else.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Evaluate your potential next career steps

  • Identify the most aligned decision possible

You'll learn a framework to help you make the best, most confident career decisions that work for YOU.

So to be clear, you get to learn a repeatable framework that will help you make decisions leading to better work/life balance, job satisfaction, and financial success.

That’s a pretty good deal.

What The Workshop Includes: 

  • Introduction to the Confident Career Decision Making Framework so that you can learn how to set yourself up for a lifetime of success with the career decisions you make.

  • Tools you can use immediately to clarify your core problem and brainstorm creative solutions to solve it.

  • Personalized Q&A The goal of the workshop is to teach and serve you. The online workshop will be live, and I will tailor the examples to your specific situation (if you're comfortable sharing it).

If your serious about seeing your careers goals come to fruition (or finally setting some career goals!) make sure you sign up.


+ Do I need to participate? I think I may just want to listen in

You do not need to participate if you do not wish to. However, you'll get the most out of the workshop if you do participate through sharing your expereinces or asking questions.

+ Do I need any special equipment?

Nope! The workshops are run using Zoom, which you can use without downloading anything to your computer. I invite people to attend with a webcam so we can get to know eachother better, but you only need to do so if you feel comfortable. You'll be able to see my face whether or not you use a webcam.

+ How Long Is The Workshop?

The workshop is 60 minutes long. Participation is encouraged throughout the workshop, which means important questions can be answered when you have them, and not stuffed towards the end of the hour.

+ What should I do to prepare for the workshop?

All you need is to bring yourself! But if you have a few extra minutes in the day(s) leadng up to your workshop, reflect on the questions, "What is working well in my career right now?" and "What is causing stress and tension in my career right now?"


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Reserve Your Seat in the Workshop!

I host the Confident Career Pivots Workshop weekly, on different days to accommodate different schedules and timezones.

Sign up for the time that works best for you. A confirmation email and calendar invite will be sent you way. It will include a Zoom link (how you access the meeting—totally free and no installs needed).

I look forward to meeting you soon!