$5 Pink World Map Prints – All Profits go to Charity

Click Here To Buy Map on Etsy I got to be part of something really special this past weekend - something I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams! I was invited into a church service full of Pakistani Christians! How awesome is that?! We were on the exact [...]

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Beauty: Finding Freedom in Failure.

We’d learn what it means to be persistent and hopeful. We’d learn to get up from a failed attempt and try again. We are taught so often that we have to have everything together and we need to get things right on the first time. But when you live that way, with a fear of failure you hide, you mask, you don’t dream and you don’t show up.

Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love

Over Thanksgiving weekend my sisters, mom and I made a trip to Whole Foods to browse around and dream culinary dreams. There were probably hundreds of things that caught my eye while in the store but what stuck with me the most was the poster on the window where we [...]

Mashup: What does beauty mean to you? #3

The question "What does beauty mean to you?" isn't to try to find the answer to the question, but ultimately to create an awareness that we already know the answer, and to remind or selves that the truest beauty is attainable because we ALREADY have it.

The Deal is Already Sealed.

I made my list and instead of claiming "This is me," "This is who I am," "This is true about me, right now and everyday," I made a list that said "This is the kind of woman I want to be." Essentially what I did was write myself off for not being "there" yet and I disqualified myself from living freely in God's promises.

Beauty: Life on Mission as a Conduit.

God’s called all of us to a sacrificial love, and that is the pouring out of the conduit, which is extremely hard because it come from dying of self and it can’t be selfish. It means being hurt sometimes. It means being vulnerable and transparent. I think being open with others is not something that a lot of people think is a love language but it speaks volumes just to be able to relate to someone and to love sacrificially. A lot of times for me it looks like serving others.

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