How to Talk About God in Your Story

I've been asked this question several times since publishing Tell It Well. "How do I talk about God to people who don't share the same beliefs as I do," is a question central to the theme of my book. I asked this question because it's challenging and complex. There isn't one right way, but [...]

How to share your dreams with others well

What if my idea doesn’t make sense to them? What if they think its boring or cliché? What if they don’t think I’m capable of pursuing my dream to completion? Or, even, what if they steal my idea?

But please don't sell yourself short. Because the reality is, if you’ve got the dream and drive, you ARE the best candidate to pursue your dream, you are the ONLY candidate.

Why I Write Jenuine Life

I have a dream of seeing women come together and encourage one another to embrace the beauty they possess. I believe that once we embrace our beauty we are more able to share it with the world. I want to see women speaking truth and life into each other. I want to see women overcoming the jealousy and comparison we so easily fall into by celebrating beauty in ourselves and those around us.

How do I share my story when it involves hurt from other people? 

This question, I believe, was my biggest obstacle in my nonfiction writing classes. I was striving to be honest, “show” not “tell” in my writing, and at the same time produce something that others could relate to. But I kept hitting dead ends, not knowing how to communicate tough issues [...]

How to celebrate others’ successes well

The good Lord is leading me down exactly the path He wants me on, and that I need to be on, even if I can’t recognize the purpose in the moment. When my mind and heart rest in that truth, I am able to cheer others on genuinely. This is because I know that my future is secure and I can see that their success is exactly where they’re supposed to be, too.