Zoodles with Vegan Pesto! #newfoodieproject

The idea of squirmy, fresh green noodles covered in pesto sounded beautiful to me. And they definitely were. But then, I pulled the little roasted tomatoes out of the oven and they completely won my heart over! They stole the show for me, both in appearance and in taste. Those little guys pack a punch of flavor.

Homemade Clif Bars

Who doesn't love a Clif Bar? During college I came pretty close to having one a day, sometimes for breakfast, other times for lunch or dinner. But around this time last year, like most other yummy foods, they started making me feel sick everytime I ate them. No offense, to Mr. Clif, my body just couldn't handle all of the ingredients anymore. But then! I stumbled across this homemade recipe... and I was able to resume my normal eating habits again. Wahoo!

Coconut Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Donuts (GF & V!)

To me, this donut recipe feels a lot like a long lost treasure. Donuts, as you may have noticed, have been trending in the past year or so. I love it, even though I find it a little bizarre. Last summer after I was diagnosed with my food sensitivities it felt like every week my instagram and twitter would have increasingly more photos of beautiful donuts and donut shops.

Super Smooth Hummus (sesame free!) #newfoodieproject

When I found out about my food sensitivities last summer, one of the things I was most devastated to lose was hummus! I had to stop eating it because it is made with tahini, a delicious sesame paste, and I have a sensitivity to sesame.  All of the store bought [...]

#newfoodieproject Rustic Carrot Cake {V & GF!}

Welcome to the first official #newfoodieproject post! If you missed the post where I explained what the #newfoodieproject is all about and why I'm doing it, you can check it out here. Today's recipe I'm sharing is a beautiful carrot cake with decedent "cream cheese" frosting that is totally gluten [...]