What I learned from speaking five times in four days

This is such a post to write. Recently, I shared that I was cutting back on a few tangent projects to focus on promoting my book, Tell It Well. Last weekend was the culmination of all that focus. I got to fly up to Michigan and speak to five different [...]

The Tensions I’ve Faced Talking about Female Leadership

When I first started writing about leadership, I called my series Feminine Foresight. I planned to write all about the leadership experience for women, the good, the bad, the ugly. But most of all, I wanted to highlight the truth that women are amazing leaders. Just as we are. In [...]

Understanding Bias & Double Standards for Women

Both bias and double standards have a negative effect because they make things unfair. Whether it’s selection for a promotion, choosing a teammate in gym class or being evaluated for a presentation, bias and double standards are likely influencing the outcome of the decision. The negative forms of bias and [...]

Are you a leader or a follower?

That’s a hard question to answer, isn’t it? If you’re like me, your initial answer might be, “Yes?” And that’s A-okay! We can be both leaders and followers in different portions of our professional and social life. So in reality, the issue isn’t about which category you fall into, but [...]

The ‘Bossy’ Lady Struggle

Happy Wednesday! I hope this edition of Feminine Foresight shines rays of encouragement, reflection and expectation into your mid-week. I’ve got some gooooooood things to share with you today! So let’s get into it. Imagine that we’re all in a room together. (Wouldn’t that be great?) And I said the [...]

Meet the Medieval Queen that Will Rock Your World

I took a deeeeeep dive into medieval history these past couple of weeks. 😛  I don’t really know how it started, but it ended with me reading a historian’s complete dissertation (300 pages long!) on the life of Mathilda of Flanders. I was engrossed. This medieval queen, whose name I [...]

Why ‘Women’s Leadership’ is a Conversation We Need to Move Past

When the ideas that turned into Feminine Foresight first started churning in my mind, one of the clearest thoughts I had was, “We need to move past the “Women’s Leadership” conversation.” By that, I mean that I so wish female leadership wasn’t an issue that needs addressing. To move past [...]