Beauty is Choosing Grace Over Guilt

I believe excessive guilt is toxic to a healthy, balanced life. Somewhere along the way we learned that if we just make ourselves feel bad enough about our bodies, our choices, our looks, etc. we'll finally have the motivation to make a change. We've learned to use guilt as a motivator. But this rarely works and if it does, it's a miserable path to take.

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Beauty is Pursuing Dreams that Change Lives

Hallie is the 23-year-old founder of Dot Products, a Mississippi-based school supply company that funds education around the world. She's an entrepreneur filled with passion and dreams to help people and end the cycles of poverty in the developing world. Every Dot product that is purchased send one child to school for 1/2 a day. Today, Dot sends children in three countries to school, providing school supplies, tuition, uniforms, and fees to ensure success.

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Worship is Being Honest with God

Worship can be a lot of things. I just talked about worship being transformation, but sometimes worship is an offering. Sometimes worship is a “get to,” and other times it’s an “I don’t want to, but I’m going to.” So to sum it up, I would say worship means being honest with God. All these things add up to being honest with God, even when I’m falling apart, yet choosing to worship despite how I feel because He deserves it.

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How to share your dreams with others well

What if my idea doesn’t make sense to them? What if they think its boring or cliché? What if they don’t think I’m capable of pursuing my dream to completion? Or, even, what if they steal my idea?

But please don't sell yourself short. Because the reality is, if you’ve got the dream and drive, you ARE the best candidate to pursue your dream, you are the ONLY candidate.

Zoodles with Vegan Pesto! #newfoodieproject

The idea of squirmy, fresh green noodles covered in pesto sounded beautiful to me. And they definitely were. But then, I pulled the little roasted tomatoes out of the oven and they completely won my heart over! They stole the show for me, both in appearance and in taste. Those little guys pack a punch of flavor.

Building community that lasts

I really don’t believe I would have been able to get through college without them because we constantly prayed for each other, held each other accountable, challenged each other and were always having fun! We reminded each other not to take ourselves too seriously and to really enjoy college. I learned through a lot of them that life isn’t always about doing well in school or in anything that you are doing but that you are enjoying the present.

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Homemade Clif Bars

Who doesn't love a Clif Bar? During college I came pretty close to having one a day, sometimes for breakfast, other times for lunch or dinner. But around this time last year, like most other yummy foods, they started making me feel sick everytime I ate them. No offense, to Mr. Clif, my body just couldn't handle all of the ingredients anymore. But then! I stumbled across this homemade recipe... and I was able to resume my normal eating habits again. Wahoo!

35 Things that remind us of Mom daily

Mom, this is a post to celebrate you! Kellie, Erica and I collaborated to make this list of all the little (and big!) things we notice everyday that remind us of you and all you've taught us. We are so thankful for you, appreciative of all you do for us, and the great example of a Godly woman you have set for us.

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Balancing motherhood, working from home and running your own business!

I am very excited to share this special lady on the blog today! It's a public way of celebrating how much she means to me and how thankful I am to have her as my Mother-in-love.

In honor of the first year officially getting to celebrate her as my mom on Mother's Day, I introduce to you, Connie! :)

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